Auto-Diva writes: 5 Reader Questions on Automated Driving and Autonomous Driving

5 Reader Questions on Automated Driving and Autonomous Driving

Bosch - for example - deals with many topics that for some of us are still in the future. In practice, I mean. Not all cars on the roads are new cars these days. Likewise, very few vehicles are equipped with the latest technology. We have not even "accepted" the assistance systems as a matter of course in everyday life. But we want to know more! That's a good thing.

I was invited to the Bosch Motorpressekolloquium 2015 and the ladies from Bosch Kommunikation spontaneously offered to provide me with a small film crew who even cut my video. Perfect! I liked to accept that. Spontaneous is always possible, I have enough questions in stock. But I changed my mind.

On Facebook I asked my friends, "Do you have questions I should ask? Topic Automated Driving . "Immediately the questions came in, you can read them in the Facebook dialog. Thank you to Tom Ruthemann, Norbert Nordbergh Diedrich, Michail Girnus, Ralf Ziegler and Cornelia Diedrichs.

That's the source of this video - very spontaneous and in no time. I hope it brings a lot of information and all the questions are well answered for you. I have the contact details to my interlocutor from Bosch, Jörn Ebberg in the video. So, if you have any ideas, ask me and I'll pass it on, ask him and share the answers you received here.

Thank you very much for your support to the Bosch Communication Team, the video Team, to press spokesman Jörn Ebberg and for the invitation to the event.


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