Auto Diva writes about: MGA 1600 De Luxe - rare right hand drive in the video

MGA 1600 De Luxe - rare right hand drive in the video

MG, alone the two letters combined conjure a smile on the face of many car fans who love vintage cars. Last spring I was a guest at a meeting when the MG and TR said hello during a ride and socializing afterwards. Oldtimer fans are a crowd in their own right and are happy to talk about their cars.

MG A 1600 De Luxe

Since I know a Hanoverian, who had the idea, that I should look at me. According to the standards, the MG owner Tom Ruthemann and I arrived. See photos later in the article. We met Karsten gardener, classic car and MG enthusiast and co-owner of vintagedriver. At the top of the video he spontaneously introduces his classic car sweetheart. I simply held the camera under his nose, which I always like to do unceasingly and not discussed.

What the camera does not show: I was allowed to do a round in the MGA (1961) on the Dunlop race rims rotate. And yes: 2nd gear was really a bit bitchy. But that did not spoil the unique driving experience. My endorphin level reached unprecedented heights.

 MGA 1600 De Luxe

MGB by Tom

And here Tom - proud as Oskar - in front of his MGB GT, built in 1973. Tom also has more photos!

MG from Tom

That was a wonderful experience for a Petrolhead with a passion for Oldtimer like me: I drove twice MG on one day. Thanks to Tom and Karsten!


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