Auto Diva writes about: The new Porsche 911 Turbo S on the Bilster Berg (Video)

The new Porsche 911 Turbo S on the Bilster Berg (Video)

The new Porsche 911 Turbo S on the Bilster Berg (Video)

Driving a Porsche, driving a Porsche, I was humming along the way to Bilster Mountain, THE newest Drive Resort. From Hanover, there are actually not that many miles, but you have to end the route at each milk can over, so through the villages. This is eating time. Since it does not matter which car you drive, because the speed camera is as high as anywhere. I have not raced so well for a long time ... But I knew the destination was worth it and there I can really accelerate. My first experience with the Bilster Berg - and then with a Porsche 911 Turbo. The very latest model 991. Yeah!

You could not go wrong in the choice of vehicles, they were all turbos, so you could even go for your favorite color! GT silver I read on the list of available vehicles. And inside espresso cognac, the most elaborate decor chosen, I have taste, I realized later. And the "S" praised me, yes, I wanted to drive the Porsche 911 Turbo S. 560 hp, top speed 318 km/h. Although I will not reach the maximum speed and wanted, because the Bilster mountain is more of a handling track with harassment, because a racetrack. But that's what makes the charm.

I got the car key in my hand and felt the spell come on, as always when I have a Porsche key in my hand. Not to "poses" is a 911 Turbo S, but it is a heavenly device of hell. Power, Power, Power ... and I can satisfy my adrenaline desire. And not only that. For after a short time on the track I feel happier than if I had eaten endless bars of chocolate (nougat!). The endorphins make for moments of happiness ... and, by the way, last until they return, even asleep. I could not discover other side effects. Except that I was smiling all the time ... but back to the pit lane:

I'm in the first group, so it was time for the racetrack. Now it was time to set the electric 18-way seat neat, to tune a perfect seating position together with the steering wheel. Lady, start your engine, I mumbled to myself. The 3.8-liter boxer twin-turbo engine started as a challenge. Asphalt against 911 Turbo - and we wanted to conquer the gray monster. I felt like in a perfectly fitting nappa leather glove and first put the gear "D" on the 7-speed PDK. I could still take the paddles later. Oh, not forgetting to select Sport Plus mode. Because I want to have fun, both of the tuning and the sound.

Porsche 911 Turbo S

The instructor in front of me could be heard about the Quäke (radio). He did not have to tell me twice to get started. I thought of the value "3.1 seconds", but quickly dismissed the idea because there was a curve in front of me and not a straight line. I had to postpone the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. But it went straight to the point. From the pit lane, the first corner out, on the track. I felt this power of the turbo, the 911 sounds just brilliantly ingenious. And he delivers. The pedal request is fulfilled immediately. And on this route you have many wishes. The perforated ceramic brake discs (PCCB) not only shone in a yellow saddle ride, they also did everything to make the driving experience "round".

 Porsche 911 Turbo S

The instructor described the 4.2 km long track. I stayed close, that's no problem.There, a little too late from the gas and you can hear the tires breathe a little more clearly. But the 911 Turbo S keeps its stability as long as you do not want to do the Harry Potter stunt. Physics is physics, so always think in terms of engineering that everything has its limits. Whereby Thomas von Autogefühl writes something else: Physics has no limits ... read for yourself!

Porsche 911 Turbo S

It's ahead of us, the right-hander that every beginner without an instructor would ride in "beautiful" right-left-right turns. But no, you drive in a generous right-hand bend and touch the curbs on the left with the left wheels. Easy blind flight over the minipeak, but just keep it on. I follow the instructor with all the basic driving confidence I can muster, I'll stay tuned. I hear his "very good", does he mean me? I do not let myself be brushed or distracted, even though it is a great praise. Continue full concentration! It goes down easily, the 911 Turbo S picks up speed, but it's called the left turn as far as possible to drive to the right to be able to pass this "egg" curve elegantly. Orient yourself at the instructor, he knows what he's doing and he knows the track. On the pylons right out of the bend and she's there, the challenge.

Now it's getting wild! The mousetrap lies in front of us. A wavy slope with 26% gradient. Feels much more. One thinks one must drive this curve closely, but far from it. Pylons help to avoid giving in to the left-hand twist in the left-down curve. Because after a really nasty curve, which you also like to mess up, it goes up again. Here, most of the people had the problem of staying on the gas, I realized, after I did not drive behind the instructor, but we had changed places (everyone drives position 1-4 behind the instructor). 21% I read, it went up.

And at some point, "up" is over again. You can drive through the curve with the same steering wheel angle, do not worry. The first time I found that very brave. But if you (like me) stick to the instructor, you can see very well how to drive. Gaps behind to the other vehicles are present. Although I do not have much time to look in the rearview mirror, because it continues to nice braked curves that tighten, over curbs, in right-left.Kombinationen and then it is there: the straight line. But beware: 2 bigger waves are built in, so that nobody gets too fast. You can reach 210 - 220 km/h behind the instructor before you have to slow down in the next left turn. A great curve! This is approached again so "illogical-looking" that you have made clear the points with pylons. And so it's really fun, because after you have reached the last pylons at the exit of the curve, you can really accelerate again! Again, I need courage. But I follow the instructor, he shows me the next optimal braking point and bangs again on the curbs. A final bullying curve redirects to start/finish. We swap the positions and there are a total of 4x over the course. Plus the 5th round of cooling ... for us and for the Porsche. I've been looking all the time, as I get the seat heating, but she was not at ... Hot, hot, hot ... such a turbo S. Who is smart, drives the cooling circuit "for the gallery" and a beautiful ideal line , Because this is how the track impresses!

Porsche 911 Turbo S

Each turn comes to an end and it goes back into the pit lane. Speed ​​limit 50 km/h!

What amazed me bass is the new standard rear axle steering when leaving the pit lane.Normally I would have thought that I would have to reset again. But I could easily "pull through". Doll! Convinced me at low speeds.

At high speeds, however, the rear axle steering is optimized differently. Then the Porsche 911 Turbo is just terribly tired on the road and racetrack. The new system Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA). can be found matching the front and rear spoiler. The front spoiler is even adjustable in three stages. Inside, so retracted, sideways outside and then the middle comes to the point that he is completely outside. More ground clearance at the front, if you drive without spoiler, so the suitability for everyday use has grown in any case to a large extent. Impressive times on the circuit are possible with the full spoiler program.

My rider was now allowed to take the wheel and I commented a bit, as far as I can not forget the air ... here you can see the track From the passenger's camera point of view:

After a journalist told me that the car was really good for me, I smiled back - speechless. That was the nicest thing in a long time, a crazy great compliment. I'm already thinking about how to raise the hundred and ninety-five thousand ... Man, man, I really have to knit for a long time. All the more I was pleased that Porsche entrusted me with this car. Thanks for the endorphin-soaked invitation. Anytime again! Porsche 911 Turbo S

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