Auto-Diva writes about: Bertha Benz Challenge - all photos from day 1

Bertha Benz Challenge - all photos from day 1

Why write a lot when 78 pictures - from first day of the Bertha Benz Challenge - but say much more?

Bertha Benz Challenge - what is it?

The Bertha Benz Challenge took place for the first time in September 2011 - and will be held every year from now on. Frauke and Edgar Meyer are committed to setting up the Bertha Benz Memorial Route. With the signposts, this route can easily be followed by everyone. To feel like "Bertha" is now very easy!For the first day I accompanied Minister Theresia Bauer. After the lunch and loading break - people and machine refueled energy - Minister of State Silke Krebs sat down in my passenger a non-economic association and completely independent of Daimler AG. Who is behind it, you can read here: Bertha Benz Memorial Route e. V. Just paging around, there's also schedule, info for spectators and for participants.

Who's reporting on the Bertha Benz Challenge? I am very pleased that I was invited as a blogger to report on the Bertha Benz Challenge and actively participate.

Further media partners are on the Find the Bertha Benz Challenge website (in the right-hand column).
Officials report:

Twitter @BBenzChallenge
Facebook Bertha Benz Challenge
Website Bertha Benz

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