Auto Diva writes about: FORD SYNC, MyKey, Emergency Assistance with Jason Johnson at IFA 2011 - Video Interview

FORD SYNC, MyKey, Emergency Assistance with Jason Johnson at IFA 2011 - Video Interview

The topics MyKey and SYNC , in conjunction with the Emergency Wizards are the news from the IFA (the IAA is yet to come). I had promised to report in another blog post, hereby redeemed! For the second time I had Jason Johnson from Ford in front of the camera lens, who just told me the news. SYNC, in conjunction with touch and voice control has been around for some time. SYNC continues to evolve and Jason and I talk about it. If you do not know SYNC, check out my post with a video from the Paris Motor Show: SYNC, MyFord Touch - Interview with Jason Johnson at the Paris Motor Show.

Jason Johnson is User Interface Design Engineer , responsible for SYNC Product Development and thus the first point of contact. Charming Jason explains in the video how "Emergency Assistance" works - across languages! And a new keyword at FORD is "MyKey". Thought for youngster with the rag on which the ink is not yet dry, so drivers newcomers or even spirited drivers who give the parents always the first or second car ever so reluctant. Ungern because the music is torn up to the stop of the volume control or is simply always too much heated. So much for the clichés, of course, not all novice drivers are in such a mood, but you do not know what the big kids do when they are alone in the vehicle.

Listen to the sympathetically presented news from Ask Jason what parents can do with a personalized key. The parent/child scenario is an example, of course it can be applied to other situations. I know someone who has just taken the driver's license and is no more 18 ... I would lend my car with only minor restrictions. ; -)

My suggestion that the car-kiddies are only allowed to hear "Classic" is of course a joke ... reingcken:


Emergency Assistance

Unfortunately, the Ford Fiesta was not exhibited at the IFA, so I used the two photos on press material from Ford had to resort. From 2012, the European vehicle market will also be blessed with integrated communication systems, voice-driven control concepts and entertainment packages.

Partners that made a significant contribution to SYNC include technology companies such as Gracenote, Microsoft , NAVTEQ, Nuance Communications, Sony Corporation, TeleNav and ViaMichelin. The bundled know-how in the respective subsections results in an integrated system, with a range of functionalities and as a complete solution with maximum connectivity.

Disclosure: FORD has covered my travel expenses, editorially, however, FORD has no influence on mine Article.

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