Porsche: My mother's favorite car. She used to drive a white 911. Now, with a new Porsche 911, we're going on a tour of past stories and having fun in the present including a visit to the Porsche Museum.

Porsche 911 and mom - yesterday and today

My mom Monika is a sweeper! That's not what you might think. Of course it's about driving! She did not get her license until the middle of the 20th. She rides (as well) as if she had been pigtailing on the go-kart at kindergarten times - and later spent hours in a racing school.

When I ask Mama, "What is still your favorite car today, that you had earlier? ", so I can spontaneously mind reading. It is so easy! From an early age I have felt which car you enjoy the most. Which car just suits her well and in which she feels comfortable.

It's not the first car, a VW Beetle she calls. Although the first car is usually connected with very big emotions. It's the white Porsche 911 , which was something very special in its many years of motorist time. Where does that come from? There's a little story about it!

Sorry, but a "symbol photo", but this model could almost be Mama's Porsche. I found this 911 at Karero. At the moment he is even for sale. Thanks for letting me use the photos for this article!

Mom is even more often in Papa's workshop

My dad first had the said Porsche in the workshop for a while. It was not a new car, of course, but an older model back then. The car had to be screwed something else. Of course he should be roadworthy and needed a new badge. Every time we visited my dad, the gaze turned to the white, perfectly formed figure of the 911. How lonely he stood in the corner because the lift was once again occupied.

Sometimes the 911 was covered as well when it got too dusty around it - something similar to the cover photo. Then only the cheeky fox rims flashed from under the cloth. Impressive experiences in my childhood! Even today, I occasionally utter a quiet Kiekser when I see Fuchsfelgen - no matter where.

In addition to all the other work, my dad took the time to fumble the Porsche. One day it was time. My father came home after work with the Porsche and just gave my mother the keys. Nothing festive, no bow, no prosecco. Just because. My father is not a man who celebrates such a thing. We children did not notice anything of that, we were already asleep.

From there we drove "Porsche".

I was so young that I did not even care about the value or price of a Porsche. It was just a beautiful car for me. I liked to ride in the passenger seat, although I was a little too young (in the passport) for it. But this way I could fasten myself more securely. My sister also had a special, child-friendly strap-on solution (not pictured) and was sitting in the back.

The fact that I was sitting in front of me made it particularly easy to memorize traffic signs. Of course, I inquisitively inquired about the different meanings.So it was really tight that we could stop on the way back from a destination on the roadside. I jumped out, letting the passenger seat swerve forward, and my mother rushing around the stern pulled out the little doll as fast as lightning. Everything worked. Not thinking what else would have been.

Today, my sister is as fast and safe a rider as the whole family. She too is a Porsche fan, admitting it frankly.

My sister is also a #Porsche fan! Is in the family ...

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I remember many trips with the Porsche. We often went to Omi. That was only 50-60 kilometers with highway, expressway and highway. As a kid, I already felt it as a big trip. Although of course we were traveling quickly. Somehow, however, we had taken longer with the cars before.

Driving a Porsche is quite normal.

My mother never said anything about her Porsche. She drove it with pride and at the same time a wonderful matter of course. So she has not made a single picture of the Porsche or even of himself with the Fuchsfelgenträger. "Unfortunately, I do not have a photo for you," she told me when I asked her recently.

And while she was incidentally model photo! As a small consolation, here are a few photos of my mom from before.

Mom's Porsche feeling revival

When we talked on the phone again, Mama said they miss me would. I should come to Hannover to visit. Since we now live more than 600 kilometers apart, we have not seen each other for a long time. My decision was metal-solid: I travel north. With a wonderful car. Mom has to drive again Porsche! But this time with reversed roles, I'm driving so she can enjoy.

I made a plan, organized everything, but did not tell her anything. What suits better than to surprise her with WHAT I drive to her in Hanover? And because she has not visited me yet, I suggested to her that I travel to Swabia together with her. Back then it would be for them by train, we agreed.

Arrival with a surprise effect

So my mother still assumes that I travel to Hannover with my own car. But as alert as a cat, she senses that I must have arrived. The combination of familial telepathy and the sense of hearing for a Porsche engine made her look out the window. I was still in the car, but she immediately came down the stairs. My mother does not seem to hide for a long time and she probably trusts me a lot - even that I could surprise her with a Porsche tour. How intuitive mothers can be.

When she stands in front of the Porsche, you make a faint "Wow", and I see her cat-green eyes light up. The joy is great that in the next week the motto "Porsche" is on the program. And so all the stories from our time together with the white Porsche - as indicated above. But now we go up the stairs together and I get a delicious welcome tea served.Mom is excited! It's getting dark and we're getting ready for tomorrow.

Mama says goodnight to the Porsche

Although it's not our own Porsche, Mama is crazy and in love. When he is parked in sight, she often looks in between times out of the kitchen window. She says I would not notice that. I gleefully amuse myself and let me show it. I think that's cute!

The first night it was even crazier. The Porsche is directly under the kitchen window. When it gets dark, she lets the light burn in the kitchen. I wondered a little and asked if she had started the lamp recently. "No," she says "I'll leave it, so that the Porsche does not feel alone and nothing happens". My mother! Even more car-crazy than me and that's almost impossible.

Our Porsche Tour

I drove to Hannover from Zollernalbkreis. With mum in Hannover I visited some locations that shape our past.

We drove past the old Rothschild Villa in the Zooviertel, where we used to live in the lower floor. Unfortunately a one-way street and very narrow, so we could not take pictures. A few meters further on in the Hindenburg district stands the villa where my mother used to live in a small tower room when she met my future father.

Many more points from the memory were added. The Maschsee may not be missing in the tour. In the blue new Porsche, the memory tour of the old Porsche time was even more beautiful and intense than I could even imagine.

Time flies so fast, it's time. Now it's time to test the endurance qualities of the Porsche again. It is exciting to see if Mama can enjoy the ride with the Porsche - as before. Of course, Mama is not quite as wild as she used to be a bit more comfortable. But in the new 911er there was "nothing to complain about". Also, the journey time flies by, because the highway is luckily not so full. If the white shield comes with the crossings, then it goes even faster. So we arrive safely in Baden-Württemberg. Here further program items are planned.

The next day we drive to Stuttgart, go to the Porsche Museum. With which mother can you increase your car enthusiasm? Mine is totally excited about the museum. We enjoy a special tour just for us and let us explain everything from the nice Porsche Museum Guide lady. That was perfect! She took this photo as a reminder for us.

I've already described a bit more about the Porsche Museum and the possibility of a virtual tour in a previous article.

With Mom to the #Porsche Museum!

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The day after we strolled through Tübingen, a day later it goes into the countryside. We "experience" the landscape of the Zollernalbkreis. The country roads with their curves are a lot of fun here. No wonder that one often sees one or the other Erlkönig when he is on a long test drive.

The time is running too fast over and I bring Mama to the train to Hanover. I look into her bright eyes and am very happy that I surprised her with our Porsche tour and that we had so much fun. An unforgettable experience.

Source for the photos of the white 911 L: © Wolfgang Scholvien & KARERO GmbH & Co KG
All other photos: Auto-Diva, Nicole Y. Jodeleit

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