Car Diva writes about: Sponsored Video: With the Mazda2 through the night

Sponsored Video: With the Mazda2 through the night

It's still bright for the Mazda2 (in the photo above), but dawn breaks coming in soon. What do you do if you have to work all day and have enough time to pursue your hobbies? Or the adventure seeks and dares what others dare not dream? By the way, the scariest of all for me: the idea of ​​jumping into the water at night.

That's what some pro surfers were thinking as well. A kind of dare: They got LED wetsuits and took the Mazda2 just to the beach. For a short trip to the deep black sea, the full-LED headlights should breathe some light into the dive.

The Mazda2 does well in the dark with the design language "KODO - Soul of Motion". In the light, it looks like my trip with the Mazda2.

I did not experience it in the dark, since it was a day trip, but the cockpit - with MZD Connect - is like in the dark made. Clearly, the new Mazda2 shows in a small space that communication, entertainment and navigation come together. But also the inner values ​​count, the heart. So the engine. The SKYACTIV technology is well-known for rightsizing and not downsizing. So, with the Mazda2 - although he's a kid - you can take big steps.

But now I'm not going to stretch you to torture and let you watch the video. For a commercial I think the arrangement is really well done. I'm not the promo article writer, but I liked it because I like the spot.

Update: Sorry, this video is no longer available.

This article is sponsored by Mazda, but the text is mine and in my personal opinion.
Fuel consumption/CO2 emissions for the Mazda2 SKYACTIV-G 75 Prime-Line 55 KW (75 HP): combined: 4.7 l 100km; CO2 emissions in the combined test cycle: 110g/km.

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