Auto-Diva writes: How is it at a press conference? Here: Renault

How is it at a press conference? Here: Renault

"What's it like at a press conference?" I asked. Is there really more space if all the visitors are not there yet? Yes and no. I was to the non-public days at the IAA 2011 and I have the press conference of Renault looked at or was invited to. That means: there are two rankings again within the Press People. In addition I count now also the Blogger, without them each time separately to mention separately. For the press conference is primarily "made" - historically speaking - for the press. The fact that we also have access to bloggers shows how important we have become.

Back to the "2 classes". If you want to sit in the first rows, you have to be a little bit painless. It helps to be elbow resistant and tolerant of oxygen poverty as well as being claustrophobic. I sat voluntarily in row 3 at the edge, so I had a little more air and could also stretch the video camera in the air, without disturbing many people. Oh yes, disturb ... the photographer who jumped on the video (below) always in front of my lens, I would like to ... [use something ugly here] ...; -)

But in the "Inner Circle "to come in, you have to look at the two lovely looking, but evil attentive ladies, sorry we are indeed at a French manufacturer, Mesdames over, but just look gaaaanz exactly, whether you are allowed to close or not. "You can not get in here," of course they did not say, but charmingly packed, the "non". Of course this should not be "discriminatory", but it is because there are just not enough places to let everyone into the "Halbarena". Fortunately, I was able to pass the invisible barrier, as I said, flanked by the fierce guardian angels. When the space situation was "Rien ne va plus", we sat small fish and stared expectantly on the stage. The rest, who did not come in? Quite simply, it stood around it. And certainly could not make as good shots as he/she would have wished. I have also seen photographers with a ladder and a telephoto, which of course is clever.

The Frendzy (see the article Renault: Concept E-Car Frendzy at the IAA 2011) and the Twingo were presented. The Captur I once took in the photos, so do not be irritated. In the video you can see Jérôme Stoll (Directeur Général Adjoint, Directeur Commercial, Leader of the Comité de Management de la Région Europe, President of Renault Retail Group) Carlos Ghosn (President-Directeur Général) and Carlos Tavares (Directeur Général Délégué aux opérations de Renault).

Stoll also gives a look at the electric cars ... but I write something separately, preferably only after a test drive.

Here's the video, as I've experienced the press conference, from the strategically cozy 3rd row left:

And here are the photos I post made the press conference. If heads are involved: I have not always struggled to the first row, justification see above.Renault had kindly invited me to the IAA.

More IAA photos: see IAA 2011 (Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Porsche, Honda, smart, VW, Renault Frendzy and a mixed brand gallery)

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