Car Diva writes about: Honda FCX Clarity, a hydrogen car that still has to search the gas stations

Honda FCX Clarity, a hydrogen car that still has to search the gas stations

There's something special about the Honda FCX Clarity : my first electric car that I drove in 2010 and the first with fuel cells to fuel hydrogen. Hydrogen, Fuel Cell, whatever the terms are. I once wrote a small e-mouse about fuel cells.

FCX Clarity explains in under 10 minutes:

Runs like a normal car - from the operator - says Dipl .-Ing. Thomas Brachmann from Honda, whom I visited at the development center in Offenbach.

But why are these vehicles still not driving around in the normal street scene?

There are Ministries that have purchased fuel cell vehicles for limited-radius delivery purposes, but the private person still can not choose hydrogen for these models because - still - the infrastructure of the H 2 gas stations The step from gasoline/diesel refueling would be so easy, because a filling process with hydrogen takes only 2 times as long (rough estimate) as fuel refueling with liquid substances. Natural gas is already refueled. The range is also similar to a gasoline/diesel. So, why is that?

I found an interview with Mirko Schwan (head of the CEP working group "Mobility Passenger Cars"), which I would like to point out (UPDATE: unfortunately no longer available). And the key points summarized here:

  • Price of a hydrogen vehicle: must be within limits
  • Related: must be a mass product
  • fleet penetration ( Trade + commerce, etc. must begin), private households move to
  • Positive: the efficiency is twice as high as the burner (with potential)
  • Uniform standards (pressure to 700 bar), Tank gun etc ..
  • Gas station infrastructure needs to be improved (I say: at least natural gas penetration, with me around the corner is such a tank, but still no hydrogen!)

One more tip for Hanoverians or visitors to the Hannover Messe Industry , who would like to test drive a hydrogen vehicle or just want to look at it:

Facebook Event:
Auf At HANNOVER MESSE 2012, the vehicle fleet of the CEP can be found for test rides in the Ride + Drive area east of Hall 27. The refueling process at the mobile filling station of partner Linde is also demonstrated there several times a day. The CEP will also be present with a booth (Hall 27, Booth B 56).

We'll see you there (one of the days) and the Honda FCX Clarity will be there too! : -)

Disclosure: the video was made as part of the preparations for the Silvretta E-Auto Rally.

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