Auto-Diva writes: Sweet or totally cool? The Beetle 2011 (21st Century)

Sweet or totally cool? The Beetle 2011 (21st Century)

Now it's there, at least in photos - the "car for the people", so for people of today - reissued. However, Volkswagen is only briefly visible as a VW logo on the vehicles. Historically, the Beetle (1938) found the New Beetle (1998) to be somehow retro-looking, now the 21st-century Beetle is simply " The Beetle ". As Tim Grausam (VW, Technical Product Management) said so nicely: " New New Beetle would sound strange too". I agree with him, no one says that #smile.

Faster, wider, longer and finally the windscreen is (again) steeper, my first impression. The external appearance also makes sitting in the Beetle more comfortable. The cathedral effect (too much headroom) is eliminated, you "sit" back in the car and did not feel three meters away from the windshield. I've already tested the feeling of sitting - at the premiere on April 18th in Berlin as part of the event MTV World Stage - how the Beetle drives, I can not (yet) say.

That's why I'm with Chris (tian) Lesmana, exterior designer, VW Maintain research and development. Little Sidestory: Chris used to be designer responsible for the Phaeton at that time.

Chris also told me he owns three beetles (years between 1968 and 1971) and one of those beetles was in the design studio when The Beetle was developed. The development step did not go from Beetle over the New Beetle to The Beetle - so Chris - but from Beetle to The Beetle. Maybe the better decision?!

The wheelbase and wheelbase have been increased, that makes us hope for a good driving experience, so the visual statement is "beefier" in the presence. Can support the up to 19 inches feet of the creepy-crawler. If you order the gasoline versions with 160 hp or 200 hp, you get as standard the electronic differential lock XDS (extension of EDS). Since I would like to test the cornering behavior, in which I "spin" and not the tires. #smile. By the way, golfers may not have to get used to "down the drain", so the platform is based on the Golf (PQ35).

Chris was very pleased with the wheel design as we talked at the turbo-beetle. He also proudly mentioned that the trunk volume was increased to 310 liters, starting from the formerly 209 liters at the New Beetle, this is already a feat I admit.

It was important for Chris to emphasize that the headlights had to be round, really round. The 2 x 15 LED daytime running lights can also be ordered, mounted in the semi-circle inside the outer edge. The area around the headlights was cleverly modeled, because the transitions had to be right.
The front bumper is therefore made of (painted in body color) plastic, but that's okay. On the other hand, I do not like the use of plastic in the fuel filler flap . When opening and closing, the flap emits fragility. But you do not have to fill up so often, according to the information in the press documents, in the 1.6 TDI one speaks of 4.3l/100km. The 1.2 TSI with Blue Motion Technology (= start-stop system and recuperation) is 5,5l/100km carved in deadwood. Okay, if I could get my hands on the 2.0 TSI in the turbo look and let my wife's foot play well, then maybe a little more. Three rotary instruments (speed, speedometer, fuel tank) tell you what's on, optionally, 3 additional instruments (oil temperature, stopwatch and boost pressure) are available by sticking out of the cockpit in the middle with a friendly wink. On request - with an open purse - you even get a touch screen with multi-function, so Navi and other elements to be controlled, one promised (on request) me. Rather boring, I feel the climate control, etc. in the center console . I suspect that an extraordinary design, reminiscent of the beetle of yesteryear and what could have been "transported" in modern terms, has fallen victim to the red pencil.

My Twitter followers are sooo attentive. Thanks to Lars for the hint with the steering wheel. Yes, there is something wrong. Right.

Again, I would be very curious to see what that feels like when you're cranking and cornering.

Music, Internet? I'd rather use bytes instead of decibels

The sound system was highly praised. Personally, music is not that important to me. Sure, it should not sound like my favorite song was playing in a pea-carrot can. But to my questions to the experts who made themselves available, unfortunately I did not get any answers that would have made me happy, as far as the connection is concerned. There was no binding statement in which direction the internet equipment should go. So: surprise or I'll catch up again! The passenger can enjoy plenty of storage space in front of his nose, equal to two glove compartments offers the Beetle. An obvious, which I know from my beetle in this position, which opens up and below this a "normal" second glove box, which could almost come from a Gulf. The passenger airbag is thus above the two glove compartments. I think the engineer responsible had to crack a nut, that the airbag works the way it should and protects the passenger properly. In total, there are 6 airbags installed.

Also noteworthy is the Keyless function , but when closing it you have to be careful to touch specific areas. The opening is easier, with a key (no card, I've asked for extra), but you no longer have to get out of your pocket or purse, but only the door handle operated.

The look up/h2>

A panoramic sunroof that happily opens. I do not like fixed glass roofs, so praise for the pop-up/sliding glass roof at Beetle. With heat-insulating glass, VW is familiar, here it is installed and leaves only 1% UV rays and 8% heat. This is funny when I write the inverse numbers, so again in "usual" sizes: 99% UV rays are rejected and 92% heat is locked out.

There are three design lines : "Beetle" (standard), "Design" and "Sport". To what extent this is also related to the motorization, can be easily guessed.What is planned?

Googling a bit, you will find more articles about the Beetle and the future versions. Also I have heard from the VW people that an R-Beetle should come, that's definite. My question about a convertible was also answered positively, a fabric roof was favored as a top form. "They" did a bit of a mystery, but it was especially quiet when I asked for a hybrid model. Probably it is not planned, but I do not know.

Beetle as an electric car?

Yes, an e-car would be quite conceivable, so is not excluded, so again careful and hesitant answers. Definitely, I can not make any statement here, but I think it's just too obvious to electrify the Beetle. By the way, Robert also means that in his blog article.

I mean, the Beetle polarizes

"It does not matter". Either it escapes the beholder or the viewer a "süüüüüß!" Or it comes to a rather derogatory "how uncool" or even a macho expressed "women's car". From this image wants VW away with the Beetle, because he should now "masculine" act. So in the black Turbo version, I agree with the unrestricted. I do not quite see it that way with the red model. Speaking of colors: 12 are available to choose from, Sunflower, Denim Blue (I have not seen) so far, exhibited were the classic colors black, red, white. It strikes me that I have not photographed the white Beetle, but that was also in the MTV disco ...


On Facebook, Lars asked if the Rear spoiler because "VW's seriousness" would be ... For this I have the following information:
The rear spoiler is series for the TSI with 118 kW/160 hp and 147 kW/200 hp. Whether he could be ordered as an option for the other models, I can not say. The upper surface of the rear spoiler is always black, the lower one painted in body color.

Disclosure: This article reflects my own opinion, I was reimbursed for travel expenses to attend MTV World Stage.

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