Auto Diva writes about: SYNC, MyFord Touch - Interview with Jason Johnson at the Paris Motor Show

SYNC, MyFord Touch - Interview with Jason Johnson at the Paris Motor Show

Jason Johnson , the key person at SYNC/MyFord, User Interface Design Engineer, SYNC Product Development of Ford has so charmingly explained SYNC to me that I forgot to ask how stable the system is. The system? In the video you get the answer, on which operating system the application runs.

Jason, who was already so excited by Lego at the age of 2, that his career choice was certainly completely correct, showed me that SYNC texts (eg B. SMS) and responds to voice input. 10,000 commands are known so far, more languages ​​are in preparation. Even smileys recognize SYNC - and "LOL" is pronounced "laughing out loud". Then we wait for the browser, which is not yet implemented.

Let's read aloud Tweet - my dream, but still unfulfilled!

I would then let me read my Twitter timeline , ingenious! Also, an RSS reader should be added, all future features will then be able to get an update when connected to the Internet. Whether at the dealer or so to speak while driving I forgot to ask - I have to admit here. Too bad that you have to wait for some features, but they were already described full-bodied. Nevertheless interesting and for gadgetverliebte users a must have, after the update - so my opinion.

Wifi is thus possible in different ways, also with Tethering. However, my iPhone can not do that, I think the Internet providers have to come up with something for the cars of the future ... I can not do that any further.

Additional links:
Bio and description of Jason Johnson's field of work
Technical data and description

And if you want to see that again in German shortage, you can listen to Thomas Michel from Ford Europe, the SYNC explained in 3 minutes and 7 seconds - but without me ...

Sorry, the video is no longer available - sorry!

Disclosure : Ford has been granted the rights to use my freely authored texts, photos and videos and reimburses me for any expenses incurred.

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