The new Nissan Leaf has a new pedal: the e-pedal. When I read the announcement of Generation 2 of the Nissan Leaf, I did not quite believe my eyes. I have to look at the e-pedal and, above all, try it myself! Here is my review from the test drive.

What is the e-pedal in the Nissan Leaf?

The new Nissan Leaf has a new pedal: the e-pedal. When I read the announcement of Generation 2 of the Nissan Leaf, I did not quite believe my eyes. I have to look at it and above all, try it myself! I'm on my way towards Taunus.

But first! Outer from the Nissan Leaf, because I think it has done a lot in optics and design. He is much more cheeky, a little more edgy. The eyes (headlights) look smarter and the whiskers with the emblem have something positive "grim". You can overtake faster times, when he appears in the rearview mirror, right? Especially his backside delighted me, because instead of the pear popo generation 1, the new Nissan Leaf now has a "bubble butt".

But externals are not everything the inner values ​​count equally strong for me. For e-cars a lot more, because this is about reasonable driving pleasure, which should look good. Incidentally, I just noticed that I now mention the word "e-car" for the first time. But I think the Nissan Leaf is so well-known that you do not have to point it out. In 2012, when I wrote about the Generation 1 Nissan Leaf, that was certainly different.

Test drive with the e-pedal in the Nissan Leaf

I could make it infinitely exciting, but I prefer to tell it immediately: The e-pedal is not a pedal - in the sense. So when I look at the pedals I have (quite normal) left brake and right throttle. So there is not just one pedal in the middle. So you do not have to get used to anything, as always! Phew, that's reassuring to know that you do not have to learn anything new. But, yes, there is something there!

The e-pedal is a key

Exactly above the gear selector of the automatic sits a playful light blue switch, which is labeled with e-pedal. I first drove off without an e-pedal to feel the e-car feeling. However, my curiosity got bigger and I pressed the e-pedal switch after a very short time. Before I describe how it feels, I can admit that I did not even switch it on/off during the entire journey.

What's different about the feel of the Nissan Leaf e-Pedal?

Surprisingly, you really only drive with one pedal - it feels like 99 percent I did not use the brake! Who - like me - has fun with the gas pedal virtuoso, comes at his expense. First I went on straight stretches, because you can try the recuperation (energy recovery) well. Just a little bit off the accelerator (not quite!) Go down and the Nissan Leaf delays a bit. It's like slowing down a bit.

But a short time later there is a winding and hilly area/mountainous track in the Taunus in front of me. Well, I think I'll have to use the brake more often to slow down before the corners. But that is not the case! If I give gas with much feeling and timing (requires only a very short adjustment) and take off gas, the Nissan Leaf reacts accordingly. And there - you know me - I did not drive like a lame duck.

The exciting thing about driving downhill in recuperation gear "B" is perfect. But even in the normal gear "D" everything works very well. Try a little and you quickly recognize the preferences of how the car reacts to you in the best possible way.It is best to "experience" yourself and get into a new Nissan Leaf and make a test drive. Have fun!

A few specifications and features highlights of the Nissan Leaf, Generation 2 (2018):

  • 40 kwH battery
  • 110kW Engine Power
  • e-Pedal
  • ProPILOT
  • ProPILOT Park
  • 6,6kW Onboard Charger
  • CHAdeMO fast charging connection up to 50 kW
  • heat pump

You will find out more in many other publications as well as at Nissan's website. For me, it's important that I take a close look at the e-pedal - because it's the first time I've tested it "live and in color".

Many thanks to Nissan for inviting me to test drive

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