Auto-Diva writes: What is the future for Ford? Booms in video interview about electric cars, hybrid, car sharing

What is the future for Ford? Booms in video interview about electric cars, hybrid, car sharing

A small day trip to the Ford press conference, embedded in the 2011 regional tour, was announced yesterday , In addition, 32 different current Ford models were ready for test drive - from Ford Ka to 240 hp Mondeo. So theoretically I would like to have 32 days to test each model individually and in peace. So I grabbed only four models and I briefly "chased" them over the highway to get a quick impression.

Ford Ka Grand Prix II, Ford Mondeo (EcoBoost 6-speed manual with 176 kW (240 hp), Ford Fiesta S and Ford Kuga (PowerShift automatic transmission with dual-clutch technology)

At the press conference was juggled with many numbers, I have the documents here, but what interested me even more was the "future" of Ford, or how Ford presents the future - strategically speaking. Popularly popular, in demand and often always a bit modified (because of new findings, strategy change, etc.) are the information on the subject electric cars, hybrid and car sharing .

These three points have Wolfgang Booms (Managing Director Marketing and Sales, Ford) and I discussed in a small video interview after the press conference:
Wolfgang Booms about electric cars, hybrid and car sharing

Ford Focus Electric : In 2012, the battery-electric vehicle will reach a range of 160 kilometers.

Hybrid Vehicles (HEV) - In Hybrid Vehicles ensure an optimized combustion engine and an electric motor for a particularly low consumption. Ford is the world's second largest full hybrids manufacturer and can offer several different hybrid vehicles in Europe as early as 2013.

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) - Plug- in Hybrid Electric Vehicles are hybrid vehicles that can be additionally charged at the outlet. In the US, Ford introduces the C-MAX Energi in 2012, its first PHEV. It will also be available in Europe from 2013.

Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) - The FCV's electric motor draws its energy from a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into electricity. Single emission: water vapor. In 2004, Ford launched fleet testing with the Ford Focus FCV and is currently working on other technologies for marketability.

More design and appearance information:

Exciting still the statement (from the PK) that the global "face" of the Ford brand is largely determined by Germany, ... in the Related to the Evos Concept Car , which was designed in Germany by the designers from Cologne.Similar numbers - 35-40% - reaches the "Active City Stop" brake assistant (prevents rear-end collisions up to a speed of 30km/h).

The most passive protection system for "Dödelköpfe" when getting off

from the stationary car, there are from the first quarter of 2012. The Ford Focus Titanium is equipped as standard, more models will follow (sometimes also optional). What is that, what does that mean?

door edge protection ! Sounds little exciting and somehow unsexy, but has something: it prevents scratches and dents on the cars. So on your own and on what stands next to you. A protective strip made of plastic and rubber. The mechanical, patented system is automatically activated when opening the vehicle doors: If one of the four doors opens only a small gap (about 15 centimeters), the protective strip rotates around the edge of the door in fractions of a second (60 milliseconds) thanks to spring pressure. In this way creates a buffer that avoids damage to body parts or vehicle paint. The system prevents 90 percent of damage to the front doors and 85 percent of the rear doors. By the way, noiseless!

Anything else?

By 2013, 20 new models are planned for Europe - new or completely revised - with new technologies. Mentioned were the new Ford B-MAX, Ford Focus Electric (battery electric), an EcoBoost 3-cylinder engine, the Ford Ranger, the SYNC technology and the Ford Focus ST.

I'm definitely excited about the Ford Focus Electric and looking forward to being released for a test drive.

Disclosure: FORD has covered my travel expenses, editorially, however, FORD has no control over my article.

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