Auto-Diva writes about: BMW i3 and i8 at the IAA 2011

BMW i3 and i8 at the IAA 2011

BMW i3 and i8 at the IAA 2011

BMW has (me ia) the Concept models BMW i3 and BMW i8 as well as the BMW 1 Series .

The smaller BMW i3 Concept has racy 125kW and drives purely electric. Rather than city E-mobile thought. Optionally gives a range extender (REx) on the i3 Concept to increase the range. Details on the BMW i3 page.

The rather slippery BMW i8 Concept is a plug-in hybrid with 164 kW and 35 km of purely electric mobility. Details on the BMW i8 side.

Both - i3 and i8 - concept cars remind me a bit of a sports shoe design. That may be because I once had such a similar running shoe. But I still think it's stylish. Through the many glass surfaces you can see and see a lot. I'm curious when the two concept cars will be turned into real cars and if the bold color design will remain. Because right now you can not say you have a silver or black car, which is optically distributed fairly evenly with blue accents.

I'm disappointed with the new "one", BMW 1 Series . The two featured colors do not like me at all, that may affect me in addition. The 1 Series, which I used to like to drive as a replacement car (predecessor model), unfortunately became too boring in the rear end. Rundgelutscht, no character in the pants. On the one hand, the headlight eyes have become slit-eyed, on the other hand, he looks like a Japanese frog-eyed cartoon character in the area.

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