Auto-Diva writes about: BMW i3 World Premiere - first photos

BMW i3 world premiere - first photos


Just missed the livestream? No matter, here are some screenshots from the live broadcast. In a few minutes, the Preserve of the stream should also be available. As long as I put the photos in first. I also have a lot of info about the BMW i3, but just a little bit of time. Here are the key data: 160 km range in Comfort mode, 200 km in Eco mode (consumers are switched off or reduced). Costs just under 35,000, - Euro (without range extender, which would extend the range and still costs extra). 170 hp has the small electric car and is throttled from 150 km/h, so this is the official final speed. Charging time with the iron socket: 8 hours, with the quick charger it is recharged to 80% in half an hour.

Update: I ask for attention to the interesting discussions on Google+ (e-mobility as topic) and Facebook (over the topic, but exactly how to deal professionally with press pictures) and on the car diva on Facebook, there are also "substance" different Art. As well as here in the comments, please scroll all the way down (range extender, fast charge, etc.). Answers from BMW to a few questions have been sent and will be maintained by me after receipt.
I am very happy about every single comment , which shows a great interest in the subject and I am pleased, this Moderating discussions and explanatory/supplementary care. Thanks to all!

BMW i3 BMW i3  BMW i3  BMW i3

And here again from the YouTube video a better screenshot (but slightly smaller in the resolution, sorry).

There are a few more questions ... at the world premiere was indeed much talk, but the facts are certainly only in the aftermath (without cameras) answered at a press conference - I would guess now. Since I was neither in New York, nor in London or Beijing, I'm looking for the material then together. : -)

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