Auto-Diva writes about: Brake test: Auto Diva foot against automatic brake assist on the Citigo

Brake test: Auto Diva foot against automatic brake assist on the Citigo

Brake test: Auto Diva foot against automatic brake assist on the Citigo

This brake test in 2 parts is quite spontaneous , Sebastian Bauer of passion: driving has had the camera in his hand. Thank you! Incidentally, this was the national presentation of the Škoda Citigo in Hamburg.

Originally, it was all about testing the brake assistant " City Safe Drive ". But what happens if a car appears in front of you and you are faster than 30 km/h in the Citigo? Fortunately, in this case, it was just a Pappkamerad, but that's often faster than you can think. So my own reaction came fully to fruition. To what extent additional support from the system was added, I would have to ask again.

Here's the first video in which I'm faster than 30 km/h, City Safe Drive does not intervene I have to brace myself .

In the second video you can see the version where I drive at 30 km/h on the obstacle. Only then does the Brake Assist engage and decelerate to zero and shut off the engine.

Careful, the brakeassi will only work if I drive at least 5 km/h. From a laser sensor, which is integrated into the windscreen, the first 10 meters are scanned, whether something suspicious does. If a possible "collision partner" is detected, an automatic full braking until standstill or the braking process of the driver is supported accordingly. In a large part of the cases, a collision will probably even be prevented or it will be reduced so that the possible damage remains small/small.

The system can be deactivated per se or it is not automatically used come when the following happens in the critical situation:

  • accelerate
  • steer
  • operate the clutch pedal

Anyone who thinks of snow, ice, mud or similar situations will now nod when I say that it is good that the system will be disabled in this case. After all, the driver should always be able to control the situation if another "solution" (eg avoidance, etc.) is required than the use of the brake assistant.

The car driver also reported Newspaper about the Škoda Citigo.

Disclosure: Škoda Auto Deutschland GmbH invited me for a test drive.

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