Car diva writes about: Chevrolet Spark - completely out of the house

Chevrolet Spark - totally out of the house

The Chevrolet Spark - a car to take home? You can not put it in your pocket, only if the apartment is big enough, then you can do more than pull up. But even standing on the road and driving, you can feel at home in him:

As small as he is, inside he is quite tall. Clever storage solutions can be found everywhere in the Spark: compartments for personal items such as mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players and the like.

  • in the center console for smaller items (parking tickets or coins)
  • two cup holders
  • storage compartment on the passenger side

Large flap with a trunk that holds 170 liters. Folded even 568 liters, as you can then accommodate a lot. So: if the little Spark does not fit in the apartment, a few hours it is also very comfortable outside on the street. And then looking for a big loft would be the next plan.

Image: Chevrolet

Incidentally, this is a dream of mine that I can see my car from the living room, but I have to work on it a bit ... :-D

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