Auto-Diva writes about: SVPChamps in Maranello, driving Ferrari 458 Italia!

Driving SVPChamps in Maranello, Ferrari 458 Italia!

Driving SVPChamps in Maranello, Ferrari 458 Italia!

In the announcement article, go to Maranello - try Ferrari - with " I did not say enough about our "Shell Fuel Blend". I wrote:

We drive to Maranello, the cradle town of the cars that carry the horse, who have so much horsepower that it is a pleasure. But we will not only visit the factory, we will "saddle" the Ferrari models and do our own test rides. Fiorano Circuit or Circuito di Fiorano will tell you something, right?

However, we got the very best" Ferrari air with shell aroma "served pure. Everywhere red, everywhere horses, garnished with yellow shells, but it was pleasant, not overdone. We were in the museum, in the Fabrication, in the Formula One section, at the Ferrari restaurant Cavallino and at Mamma Rosella (Ristorante Montana) between all the Ferrari pilot photos.

It was great to watch how proud the Italians are of their brand, which is now really something special. Locally, in Maranello, I first learned that no normal mortal is left on this mini race track Fiorano at all. Only the new car owners will receive this honor. Yes, I speak of honor, even if that sounds totally exaggerated in Germany. So, if you think you can "buy" the ticket with a used Ferrari, then that's not possible, as I understand it.

Released for Blogger for the first time

Even bloggers were not yet - so at least the answer to my question - so far been invited to such a driving event. It has also been noticed a bit, that a very short 2-minute skepticism prevailed when we appeared on the Circuito di Fiorano. The PS ice broke very fast, in a positive sense, because the Ferrari employees and instructors immediately noticed that we may even be a bit nicer than a new Ferrari owner. #smile

I'm glad Anyway, it's huge to drive a Ferrari again. It's been sooooo long since I drove a 348 GTB for a long distance. And that's exactly what helped me with the latest model we were allowed to get into, not at all! My "old Ferrari 348 GTB" had a clutch and H-circuit, this red horse 458 Italia has far more complex settings to the settings (the Manettino) and is switched from the steering wheel -links and right one paddle, turn down left, right upshift, gas is right, so still as a foot pedal!
Who looks for technical details: I felt the car first, completely datenlos ... I tried to build a harmony, to a stout stallion with a lot of horsepower a red noble horse out to tickle and still gallop properly.

I've taken so much stuff, so many impressions, that I do not even know where to start and stop. So today, with the first two videos, it's just a small impression how many endorphins were ejected from me, because I did not get rid of the grin all day.

Raffaele the Simone - the wild bumblebee ride with donut in the 458 Italia

Another highlight was the raffle of a ride on the Ferrari 458 Italia in the passenger seat. I was lucky and won (as one in 5, I think - do not remember exactly, but there were not many rides). The Pilota was no less the most important man at Ferrari, as far as the test driving.For that I had my flip on and I have to see if I can put the two videos somehow synchronously together.

So far, the first glimpse of the SVPChamps event at Ferrari in Maranello, ... stay tuned!

Disclosure: Travel costs are covered by Shell/Ferrari as part of the Shell V-Power Network of Champions Events, but Shell/Ferrari have no editorial influence on my article.

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