Car diva writes about: electric car Nissan Leaf, presented in video

Electric car Nissan Leaf, presented in video

E-car fans, How Time Flies ... Over half a year ago I drove the Nissan Leaf for the first time. And then I did not get the video from the record. I could not insert it into a video program, there was always an error message. Before I got annoyed, I just tried "Uploading to YouTube."

That's how you get at least two raw-cut videos, because Nissan employee Niels Thormählen really explained the Nissan Leaf in a very clear and understandable way. You can not write that beautifully and you just have to lean back and look ... right now ...

Electric car Nissan Leaf, presented in video

We once walked around the car: first we looked into the trunk , then we felt ourselves forward, into Cockpit and also the bonnet we had wide open. Anyone interested in the Charging Port will get all the details. And why the headlights have such a special shape, Niels has also explained to me. An exciting topic is always: the sound in e-cars (see also at Buzzriders)! What Nissan was thinking at the time, Niels says in the video.
Film 1 off!

In Video 2, I did a test drive with Niels.

We'll go through the dashboard , notably the reach gauge and the rewarding model with "sapling" (gamification factor). The circuit is also a little strange at first, but it's pretty quick to be taken for granted. A rearview camera is installed, even with customized guides (see also Buzzrider's article on this topic, with further video).

We continue to talk about: Driving Performance , Range , Battery Performance , Battery Life + Recycling , and the Touch Display in the Center with Navi and Charging Finder , Carwing (Nissan product) and all other features as well as the Preheat or Cool . Finally, there is even a spontaneous consumer opinion from the rear - we still had three electric car interested parties in the back seats.

My driving-Zit: The size of the Nissan Leaf, inside and outside, I find optimal for an electric vehicle. The feeling I had while driving: the electric car feels valent, shows (in city traffic and very short country road) good driving characteristics and amazed in the comfort area. Range and performance would be enough for me, so my first thought.
Optically, I do not like the headlights so much, but Niels has explained why they look like that. The touch display with all presented functions, I find useful and intuitive to use/clear. The front charging port might be limiting, on the other hand, if it fits, then you have very little cable lying around.
If I had a charging opportunity with me in the vicinity, I would like to make more test drives, but unfortunately that is not yet in Hanover so far that charging stations are also available outside of the inner city regions.

Current: Nissan's Electrical Challenge

Some of my Auto Blogger colleagues (not a woman I know, unfortunately) are going to participate in a 100 day challenge. You can win something yourself, the bloggers can win something, a place can win and ... I somehow do not quite get there.I would probably have dropped out after the third chart. ;-)
But being there and getting involved is everything!

Here is a statistic for Germany, I will vote for all my well-known bloggers once, I have I thought I could not decide. One is even in second place ... the quay ... on day 12. On the other side, Kai is in 11th place. Hmm, how is this going on?

In any case, I can tell you one thing: you can learn a lot about the Leaf (manual and "in detail), make a test drive and still a lot.

I'll ask my blogger colleagues who are involved (and I know) to introduce yourself here in the comments with their respective link to the challenge "The Big Turn On". Good luck to you all, I keep my fingers crossed!


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