Car diva writes about: Finally a Mercedes-Benz only for the woman

Finally a Mercedes-Benz only for the woman

Which woman does not dream of it? To have something that the divine spouse does not "take". If "she" has a Mercedes-Benz, "he" will certainly like to take the car key in his hands. But that's it, here it is:

The Mercedes-Benz just for the woman!

No four wheels, but a star on the noble silver cap. The bottle valent and aesthetically shaped of glass. The fragrance, the Eau de Parfum has something that I like. Somehow I immediately felt reminded of my test drive with the Mercedes-Benz SL 500. You can connect a fragrance and an experience more often. If it had already been the Perfume for Woman, that would have been a nice combination.


It's a perfume and we'll discuss it!

Of course I got professional support to discuss a perfume for women. Beauty blogger Conny drives a Mercedes-Benz herself and knows about scents. So we sat down and shot the little video to discuss the fragrance. I betrayed no prices and not how the Mercedes-Benz Eau de Parfum smells, because that's what you learn, if you press "play" and (I hope entertaining) 11 minutes to see our loose coincidence and -hört.

We share the video, you'll find it there too, but read Conny's article "Mercedes-Benz for Woman" on MakeUpBeauty. bottle and packaging

Mercedes-Benz gave me the bottle for this unsolicited review for free. My opinion remains untouched by this "gift."

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