Auto-Diva writes about: Make note, join: Bertha Benz Challenge in September 2011

Make a note, join in: Bertha Benz Challenge in September 2011

... or is it "just" watching? What is the Bertha Benz Challenge all about? Bertha Benz is the wife of Carl. And without the Bertha, Carl would not have made it all, so to build the company, because Bertha believed in her husband and helped him entrepreneurially, technically and financially. Carl was responsible for the further technical, so the two complemented as a team.

Then the first long-distance trip with the three-wheeled Benz: that was the Bertha with her two sons, who drove from Mannheim to Pforzheim in 1888 , What did the Carl meanwhile? I do not know, because he did not know anything about the ride. Bertha has decided so, after the vehicle was not well received by the audience, even laughed at, because no horses were in front ... Bertha has convinced the people through their promotion tour: the carriage without horses was now hip. And Bertha the first female driver to go down in history, but rarely mentioned.

So this is not going to be a Carl-hostile article at all, but the good Bertha was mostly in the shadow of her husband, and there it would still be if people did not argue that Bertha gets a little more appreciation and attention. I do not want to dig around in the history books anymore, but if you want to do that, just read: Wikipedia about Carl Benz and about Bertha Benz.

Bertha Benz Memorial Route

A highway for Bertha, great! Like all the wine roads, fairytale roads and so on? A small brown sign that you pass by carelessly?

Make a note, join in: Bertha Benz Challenge in September 2011

Screenshot of

The answer is no! There is more attention!

The Wikipedia entry is here and now it continues: The Bertha Benz Memorial Route will be launched from 10.09. - 11.09.2011 with (predominantly) electric life on four wheels. Future-oriented vehicles are allowed: All vehicles with alternative drive - electric and hybrid drive, hydrogen drive and fuel cell - but also extremely low-consumption, very environmentally friendly vehicles! To mention: it can of course also ride tricycles with e-drive or two-wheelers. Everything that creates the range, so around the 100km per day with 1.5-hour charge break . Actually, only Segways are not suitable, because of the shorter range, but everything else "electrical" - what I know so far - would make it.

Bertha Benz Challenge 10.09. - 11.09.2011

The Bertha Benz Challenge is the final event of the Automobile Summer 2011 and the official inauguration of the historic German holiday road "Bertha Benz Memorial Route" to honor the lifetime achievements of automotive pioneer Bertha Benz.

The organizing club Bertha Benz Memorial Route eV is a non-economic association and completely independent of the Daimler AG. Who is behind it, you can read here: Bertha Benz Memorial Route e. V. Just paging around, there are also timetable, information for spectators and for participants. If you do not have an e-mobile and would like to go with you: even when renting an e-car will be helped! But even "existing" e-cars should definitely join in, the more fun it gets.

A little dw-tv movie to relax, at the end one of the initiators, Edgar Meyer :

Who's reporting on the Bertha Benz Challenge?

I'm very glad that I've been invited as a blogger , about the Bertha Benz Challenge report.If I learn more interesting, I'll let you know. So follow my tweets, my facebook profile and/or my google + - and here's what's new.

From "official" site is reported here, Follow and Like and a Plussen (Google +1 ) are recommended:

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