MINI Thrills: You have to experience it yourself. When Bilster calls Berg, it sounds like fun. Of course, I have agreed and participated.

Maximum fun with MINI - #MINIThrills

MINI Thrills: You have to experience it yourself. When Bilster calls Berg, it sounds like fun. Of course, I agreed there, who would not have?

MINI Cooper convertible to #MINIThrills Since over 12 years old, I privately say "yes" to MINI. I drive a Cooper convertible, which I have configured myself. And what could be better than driving to a MINI event with my own car? Reliable brings me my little one to the young brothers.

I arrive and I hear: There is a lot going on, also outside the racetrack. That's why not only the John Cooper Works are there, but the whole family. So also the Countryman and the Cooper S.

MINIThrills MINI Cooper, Clubman, Countryman

So my convertible is allowed to rest after the long drive and to watch it comfortably from the parking lot. We've known each other for so long, so that's no problem.

Otherwise MINI are very sensitive, if they are not the center of attention. ;-) Real MINI drivers know that.

MINIThrills MINI Cooper, Clubman, Countryman

But MINI is not just "driving" but has a history and lifestyle. The entire event shows the diversity around the MINI cult.

MINI with History #MINIThrills There are books and stories about the MINI. Almost everyone has somehow had a MINI around them and experienced something with him. My sister, for example: My mother had a Cooper Classic, in which she installed the baby seat. Sister's first conscious car experience was "MINI driving".

Right next to the exhibits and the historical side, I see the present and the future. A cozy lounge area invites you to linger. While the other guests enjoy, I'm having fun tweeting and populating Instagram as well as my Facebook page.

The Electrifying Future of MINI

Seeing the new ethical attitude of a MINI from the future he has to be on a leash!

The MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid is ready to take the big nose forward. I would love to try it, I'm very curious.

But back to the dirty present. I'm talking about overland now - so if you drive out of the city out into the country. There are already dirt roads and jogging trails. First of all under outdoor laboratory conditions, to clarify.After the stage appearance, we then test the Countryman in the wild. Of course we drove in the MINI pack, well behind each other, how that is!

MINI wet and agile

Nice to see how agile the Cooper S stays on wet roads. Neatly gassing and watching as the spray squirts. That makes mood. But immediately there should be no wet but a hot tire. I extend the S by three letters in addition. Yes, that's not just three letters, that's a few seconds less from zero to a hundred - so one more portion of driving pleasure.

MINI Cooper S JCW in the trap - the mousetrap from Bilster Mountain

MINIThrills MINI Cooper S JCW

No, here you can not see the mousetrap of Bilster Mountain. But we did a little photo shoot when the other participants had a nice lunch. You can see the making-of on the small photos. MINI power and women's power in a photo is hard to take! ; -)

MINIThrills on the Bilster Mountain

Quickly take a picture of the other group before it goes into the MINI Cooper S JCW itself. If you look closely, you will also spot the Clubman in the "hot sole" version.

MINIThrills on the Bilster Mountain

Here's the colorful series of Little Red Riding Hoods and some black-and-white skull caps in the pit lane. Seat in racing position, adjust the mirror and straighten. Engage in first gear in sport mode and hands on the steering wheel - and, where available - fingers on the paddles to upshift.The Curves in the right places say "hello" and otherwise nice and fast but still harmonious a good racing line hinbekommen. Since I drove the Bilster Berg for the third time, I immediately recognized the track layout again and had it completely and perfectly in my head after the first lap. But every racetrack ends in the pits and the day is over. The MINI have to return to the pits. Schnüffz, I would have spent hours ... well, to whom do I say that.

MINIThrills on the Bilster Mountain

A group picture completes each event. Of course we did not let that take us away. And as you can see, everyone is beaming!

MINIThrills on the Bilster Mountain
For more information on each model, visit the website from MINI. Take a look at MINI Germany's Instagram channel!

This article was created in friendly cooperation with MINI, many thanks for the invitation!

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