Auto Diva writes about: Peugeot 308 in Paris, 3:08 contest

Peugeot 308 in Paris, 3:08 contest


Peugeot has the new Peugeot 308 tested. 12 fans and 4 bloggers from all over Europe. The whole divided into 4 groups, so 4 topics were dealt with. I was there - Theme Performances.

The motto was: 3 hours to test, 8 minutes to report = Project 3:08. Luckily, they did not take all 8 minutes of the 3 fans and me into the video, there was not a 2 minute clip out of it.

Granted, we did not get that much to test in Paris. We did a funny location hunt and tested the navigation system on the heart and the road. The camera always there. In the car on the side window and the windshield and also a converted camera motorcycle (right in the photo) "stalacted" us. peugeot308_8945peugeot308_8951peugeot308_8950peugeot308_8977peugeot308_9034

Interviews were taken on the terrace above the rooftops of Paris.

The four bloggers, including me, were selected directly by Peugeot, had So by no casting scenario. Luckily, I'm not so into casting of this kind ...; -)

Thanks to Peugeot for the invitation to Paris (travel expenses were taken over)

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