Auto Diva writes about: Porsche Boxster S - my Diva test drive. The yellow Porsche Boxster S is fun. Many photos of the test drive with the diva.

Porsche Boxster S - my Diva test drive

Porsche Boxster S

So tender I have the Porsche Boxster S treated only in the state. No, the conversion is not about "kicking". Where - but! The accelerator, of course, only to maximize performance, test driving characteristics in the limits. I think a sports car, a roadster, a Boxster likes that. And so do I.

Porsche Boxster S - my Diva test drive

After the luggage in the two luggage compartments (front 150 l, 130 l in the back) is stowed, one closes the aluminum hoods front and rear again, rises , You must have plugged in the car key - as usual - on the left, so that the sports equipment is ready for use.

 Car Diva with Porsche Boxster S

The weather in southern France was a dream, suitable for lowering the cap, even from the Porsche Boxster. Finally you do not have to unlock in the first step, but you can just press the button in the center console once and the view of the blue sky is released. But where is the top compartment? Wegreduziert! Saved 12 pounds, just like that. If that would always be so easy, ...

Hole to hole and hold it: The optionally available wind deflector is no longer disturbing mirrory and vulnerable to scratches, but can be used with a net in the middle. A true advancement that is pleasing and thought-out.

Auto Diva climbs in Porsche Boxster S an I could have even started rolling and then only open the roof, if I would have been impatient or in a hurry. Up to officially 50km/h, the roof does it all, opening and closing while driving. When closing restricting that the button must be pressed all the time. Sometimes I like to be a switch ... but keep my eyes straight on the cockpit.

Cockpit: Three tubes, nicely round, tachometer in the middle, right the high resolution 4 , 6-inch VGA multifunction screen with switchable display on navigation or vehicle data such as consumption (cough, ...) and other important on-board computer functions.

In the Navi (touch screen), the routes are entered through the southern French serpentine. Of course not the fastest way, but the most curvy. That promises fun. But I have not even set off, but already have the typical Porsche smile on my face.

I start with the driving setting "normal", in which the start-stop system is activated , My sensitive women's gas foot is looking for the pedal, finds it immediately and ... press first. The pedal request is fulfilled immediately. It's a Porsche, yes, I feel it through and through.

After a few roundabouts on the highway, I notice where it goes, into the mountains. That is, I could drive more sporty. And even as in the Porsche 911 Cabriolet I test the setting "Sport" and "Sport Plus", with which I (PDK) in 4.8 s to 100 km/h come. But that rarely happens that the highway is so smooth straight ahead of me. But turns are much more fun - my co-driver Bjoern is starting to get dizzy, so I'm doing everything right.

Beautiful little villages that you occasionally pass.That would have something ... but I do not dream too long, because it goes straight to the section of the Rallye Monte Carlo, on which many legends were written and driven.

 Porsche Boxster S and Auto-Diva After the short make-shift break, I have the wheel back firmly in my hand, the view is concentrated directed forward. My eyes are getting bigger as the mountain roads get narrower. I ask my test driver colleague if we would have caught the bike path? But do not worry, because the Boxster is still clear enough and I got used to the dimensions quickly. The collision warning indicator does not turn on because I'm still driving too fast, but I feel good and drive carefully through the corners. Oncoming traffic could appear. Therefore: Safety first!

In the mountains you can not really bring the 3.4-liter boxer engine with 315 hp (232 kW) to top speed (277 km/h), but the chassis bites through , the 20-inch rollers are ridden neatly warm and the body plays with. It is only 32 millimeters longer than before, but the overhang at the front has been reduced by 27 millimeters.

You often see the Boxster S from the back, which is an indication of the modification that is most noticeable (and certainly polarized again):
Rear wing and lights are connected by a pronounced edge over the entire vehicle width and the underlying central lighting unit combines rear fog light and reversing lights in a flat band. The new LED tail lights are pulled around the corner of the vehicle. I looked at it very closely and my opinion you can see here:

 Porsche Boxster S

To smooch! The day passes much too fast, I could go on for hours, facing the sunset and then enjoy the culinary delights of the region in a small Chateaux. Before that, the ParkAssistant front and rear with a top view would help me not to rattle along the lavender pots, and the beautiful Porsche Boxster will continue to shine.

But I wake up from my dream and stand up at the airport. I'm tempted to chain myself to the steering wheel, wondering if I can not take the little one with me. But more journalists still want to test drive. I nod in understanding and go to the gate to take off, back to the cold Germany, but with this experience report in the bag, which I like to share with you.

Oh, and I still have to - by popular demand - put on the car, here, please:

Photos: Frank Ratering
Disclosure: Porsche invited me and took over the travel expenses. This post reflects my own opinion.

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