Car Diva writes about: Porsche: exciting cars and electric cars at the IAA 2011

Porsche: exciting cars and electric cars at the IAA 2011

Porsche: exciting cars and electric cars at the IAA 2011

Porsche shows my favorite car since childhood days. When asked what new Matchbox car I wanted, I often pointed to the 911. But other exciting concepts were also shown. Porsche 911 Carrera S . That's all I'm saying, otherwise I'll be in raptures.

Porsche 911 Which way, by the way, at Porsche well liked: it was very easy to look at the vehicles, there were no "fear of contact" built by unreachable landings or barriers. I also heard that from other sources that Porsche was quite natural at the IAA. Big Like!

Hybrid seems to be an issue that can attract even the classic Porsche buyer. So the family coach Panamera Hybrid is ready to - hopefully - reduce fuel consumption by driving the electric motor. I'm not such a fan of Panamera, but I have little reason to keep the two rear doors in constant use.

GT3 RS 4.0 : they always say so beautifully "Men dreams." But also would dream of a test drive. The little petrolhead in me gets palpitations at sight, ... keep looking before it gets worse ...; -)

Great class: the used look on rally cars. Also Porsche proves courage and puts the filthy cart in the sparkling showroom. Thumbs up!

The Boxster E : looks a bit as if a shiny fried egg is pulling over the middle, but maybe that's why I find it delicious.

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