Broadcast "Despite love for the car" at Deutschlandfunk Nova "From 21" and "Talk with Dana", Episode 22: Car Diva Nicole loves fast-paced brass - both to listen to.

Radio interview with Deutschlandfunk Nova - Broadcast "Ab 21" on the topic "Car"

A request for an interview on the radio in my emails. Abgefahren! I'm there. Thanks to today's technology and equipment in my own office I did not even have to travel to Berlin to Deutschlandfunk Nova. Almost a pity ... I give my promise therefore immediately, because a lot of time from the request to the consignment was not. The media people with a daily program usually think a little short-term, I ponder in between. That's all in this case, no problem, the appointment fits.

Of course, the preliminary talk is by telephone. A very nice editor asks me thematically querbeet about the topic "car" a little bit. We even have a chat. No wonder, if you've been driving as a car diva for so many years and at countless events, press events, test drives and road trips. I have a lot to tell, notes my interlocutor. I also speak a few technical things and get tips on what's best for the radio.

Radio interview via telephone

Then comes the recording and transmission day. The radio interview itself is like a live interview. It will not be broadcast live. Nevertheless, no big slip of the tongue should happen, because the technology wants to cut as little as possible. As my thought, I have not said that. Well, they do not want to make me nervous. A little under tension you are already then when the record button is pressed.

The technical structure with me: I used my iPhone as a phone and draped my iPad at the same time as a recording device at the level of my chin. So we have a fallback, if the telephone line does not record clean. After the interview was over, I sent my recording (which only I can clearly hear) to the station.

To the show "Despite the love of the car - Where are all the driving instructors?" at Deutschlandfunk Nova "From 21"

 Radio Interview

If you were in the car for airtime, you could even watch the program via DAB.

I was a bit surprised by the title - honestly. But not disturbed now. At 9pm I turn on the radio and hear the announcement (which is not on the podcast) and it's about my person. Uih, I'm surprised. Also, that I - in front of the driving instructor - may start. But just listen to it yourself, what should I write a lot ...

Website with the article by Deutschlandfunk Nova (there the cover picture can be seen in its entirety).

And who can not wait, the MP3 downloads:
Download MP3 from Deutschlandfunk Nova

Live Radio Talk with Dana

Not to forget, I can also live radio ... a really great experience: Interview with Dana in the studio. Again, you should definitely listen:

Talk with Dana - Radio live

The interview - now as "Preserve" can be found on Soundcloud: Talk with Dana | 22 | Car diva Nicole Y. Jodeleit loves fast-paced brass or an iTunes podcast.

Here we could go much deeper into my story and experiences. You have to bring a tight hour if you want to hear the entire program. In the end, by the way, a piano goes off ... that was not planned, but ... listen to how sovereign Dana handles it. Great - live radio is a great experience - and I'll tell you something else: as a child, I had the desire to become a television or radio presenter. ; -)

Cover Picture: Collage from screenshot of the page of Deutschlandfunk Nova (there cover photo made illegally for photographic reasons) and by myself edited recording of my person by photographer Christian Koch

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