Auto Diva writes about: Rendezvous with the Kangoo Z.E. - In the Bloglight

Rendezvous with the Kangoo Z.E. - In the Bloglight

Rendezvous with the Kangoo Z.E. - In the Bloglight

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I was in Portugal, early in the morning I woke up. Someone had ordered a wake up call for me. Next to me on the chair was my blue shirt, a job and a car key. I fell asleep through my face and hair. Oh, I remembered. I had lost a small bet and thus promised a dear friend to take a garden tour for her. The delivery of a few smaller plants, in the Lisbon area as well as tedious weeding. But you do not need any special horticultural skills for that, I do not need any instructions for it.

My friend told me to watch this video before I leave, everything would be explained. I shook my head first, I know a lot about cars, but I did her the favor.

Aha, a video in which u. a. the instruments of the electric car are shown. And the key to Kangoo Z.E. lay next to me. Quickly I jumped out of bed, under the shower and was already as good as on the way. On the way I met more Kangoo Z.E. Models.

Rendezvous with the Kangoo Z.E. - In the Bloglight

The big red, that makes a lot of transport ...

Actually, I go yes at these blocks on 4 wheels loosely smiling on auto food over. They are not so exciting. But this version was interesting, because when I looked more closely I read "ZE".
I thought, ... ZE, ZE, what could that mean?

  • Central Unit
  • Two donkeys
  • Pretty easy
  • Swiftly park
  • Not enough energy?

Anyway, I'll take care of that later , I thought. Snatched me the key and relaxed in jeans-Wayne gear on the load ass-box furniture.

So far, everything was classically simple, the door clacked metallic when opening and half-teased when closing. I was inside, in the kangoo.
The sitting position turned out to be very upright, but it fits ... when you have a work suit on. As a normal driver, you may feel more like sitting at the workbench. After 30 seconds, I felt like I had a real virtual blue man and turned the key in the lock.

Oh, no, he does not even start, maybe some would think of a craftsman who naively declares the Z.E. has read over. Until then the green "ON" appears on the instrument panel display. But no sound, no engine noise can be heard. The craftsman might be careful to tap the gas to test whether the Kangoo Z.E. really starts. Yeah, he does, the kangoo.

And suddenly they were all the blue electric pups.

Rendezvous with the Kangoo Z.E. - In the Bloglight I was overwhelmed with so many craftsmen on the way. But, wait, that can not be ... I hear a ringing alarm, even though I'm already out in the parking lot ... no, I, uh, I was just dreaming everything. Now with the Blaumann and the mission.

Now I remembered: international bloggers were invited to test the Renault Kangoo Z.E. . And I was there.

Well my - unimaginative thoughts:

A kangoo is kind of a classic "craftsman car". As far as the drawer tavern served. Sure, there are other use cases, but I leave that out now. What should I do with a plumber's box or a locksmith's swing?

In front of me are two craftsman versions of the Kangoo - a two-seater and an X-Seater or with a large cargo area."What's missing":

  • Lack of back-up control (video or sensors), especially in the closed version with no window in the rear area.
    Surcharge as an option would pay off, if you have the No rear-view mirror, only side mirrors, the rear doors had no windows. The reason was missing to me ...
  • Cockpit material, side paneling: I personally do not like the feel. I even felt slightly sticky, as if the first finish after the end of production was still on it.
  • Little storage space for (breakfast!) Craftsmen.
  • There is a center armrest, which is a deep Compartment includes. When the tray is half full, you will not find it at all.

The driving style I've assessed:
The Kangoo is a voluminous junk nevertheless agile can be accelerated by the electrification. Almost comparable to a bumblebee, one wonders (physically) that she can even fly so elegantly.

I can imagine that the drivers are tempted to drive very fast at first. At least that's how it worked for me!

Reward thing for economical driving: the recuperation - visible on the display, is indicated by minus values.

There are different models, equipment > strong>, I recommend the Kangoo ZE page. Of course, I could make in the short amount of time, no reasonable consumption measurements, the range should be according to the manufacturer 170 km. For a craftsman car to be used locally in the vicinity, I think that will be sufficient in most cases.

And who has not figured it out yet: Z.E. means "Zero Emission" ... I'm not the "right" target group, but it was a lot of fun, the test drive with the Kangoo ZE

Disclosure: Renault had me to the press event of the Fluence ZE and Kangoo Z.E. (travel expenses).

Bloglight: By the way, Renault is "manufacturer of the month"

Rendezvous with the Kangoo Z.E. - In the Bloglight Auto Bloggers! Every month, we want to put a spotlight on a manufacturer who deserves it because of a special commitment, a clever idea, a great product, or some other noteworthy thing.

Justification this month:
"Electric cars you can buy, manufacturers with the most diverse and attractive models." = Renault

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