Auto Diva writes about: The new VW Crafter Video Video Game

The new VW Crafter Video Video Game

The new VW Crafter drives almost like a big car. If you like big cars and have loads to transport, but do not need a truck, the new generation is worth considering - what kind of transporter do I need?

VW Crafter Especially target groups such as florists and fashionista can feel addressed - in addition to the usual purpose in craft, Construction and transportation. The VW Crafter has been completely redesigned and still feels comfortable on fast roads as well as in the city.

For the narrow streets or during maneuvers and maneuvers many small helpers are installed (optional), which support the driver and the driver. That spares the nerves, prevents sweating and protects the outer skin - the paint of the Crafters, I mean.

I've tried the new Crafter in Spain in wonderful weather. The reversing camera and the lane departure warning system are already known from the car. New to me in this class were the park assisted steering assistant "Park Assist" and the park pilot with active flank protection. I'll tell you more about that in the video!

I also met Nicki Schloot from BKF.TV who is very excited about the new Crafter. He showed me that the load securing is very well thought out, you see in the video!

Speaking of video: Pay close attention to where I am. At the start and at the end of my little movie, which we shot spontaneously (thanks to cameraman and editor Paul!), I'm in a movie set. What was filmed here? The question is:

Competition Question: What is the title of the movie?

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The new VW Crafter model 1:50 (2016/2017)

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I do not currently indicate consumption values, because different engine types and therefore values ​​exist. If necessary, I like to carry a few values.

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