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What HONDA has to do with Merkel

What HONDA has to do with Merkel Update on 16.05. After the NPE (National Platform for Electromobility), here!

On the HONDA test days, I recorded a part of the press conference on video, actually for my own use, but I am now delivering the video. Press Officer Germany Alexander Heintzel tells us about the future prospects from a HONDA point of view. Topics include electric car, scooter, hybrid snowthrower, Solar Hydrogen Station, Home Energy Station and Eco Power 1.0 (combined heat and power).

For the E-car sector (at the beginning of the video) it is announced that the HONDA Jazz in the battery-electric version will be launched in 2012. And indeed - no wonder - in China! In Germany the market does not seem to be there yet, everything is still in development. And promotion? None. If I may believe in the promotion electric car article (I have not checked the numbers now, quote), then the following countries pioneer:

promotion when buying an electric car

  • America: tax credit of up to € 5,800.
  • Brits will get almost the same as the Americans in 2011 - in cash.
  • China will raise over € 6,700.
  • Germany: For 5 years remission of the car tax, in a small car would be about 140 €.

I once counted, for a gasoline Honda Jazz 1.2 you pay € 34 per year car tax.

What does Merkel have to do with it?

Chancellor Merkel has published a podcast (PDF, barrier-free) in which she talks about electric mobility. But nothing says, I think. Maybe not yet concrete, I'll give her another chance, because on Monday, the "National Platform Electromobility" handed over their second report. I quote Merkel: " We would like to see one million electric vehicles in use on our roads by 2020. And by 2030 it could be six million vehicles. This means that we must move forward quickly - and, above all, create the general conditions that will allow electromobility to be truly lived in our country.

Just look around, like that other countries do that, where "it works", so my banal recommendation. And then let's see that not only e-car charging stations arise, but also - such. B introduced at HONDA (other manufacturers certainly exist too) - the production of energy for battery-powered or hydrogen-powered electric cars can be reasonably integrated into households where it is possible. The way that the consumer should pay the extra price that the automakers should compensate for the e-cars with the conventional sales, must simply be extended - in a meaningful and attractive way - not only with the imposition of vehicle tax. And please leave the nonsense away (where had I just read that yesterday?) That special lanes for e-cars on the streets should be set up ... the money is rather in the promotion of the consumer, that he also buys the e-cars, because he is convinced of it and can use the technology properly!

UPDATE: I found the link again: Bund makes the electric car now afloat (special tracks: at the bottom, last paragraph)

second UPDATE, 2011/05/16:
the press conference was over, it was in the stream here, the recording is just going to take place, I hope it's the same URL.

So - off Consumer View - not much has changed in the statements. It was clearly communicated (at the NPE press conference) and still declined that the purchase is supported, so no purchase premium is provided.What about leasing? That will not be completed over 10 years. Does the second owner also get the car tax relief if he buys a 3-year-old e-car? Questions about questions ...

Extending vehicle tax relief even for plug-in hybrid models . That should please - as the only point! I did not expect that. In addition, e-cars with fuel cell (fuel cell, hydrogen) extra were mentioned as a supplement. Oh, I would have seen that from the outset as electrically moving vehicles. Well, according to which standards is rubbed in there, I'm very curious. Detailed information is still missing.

Does not affect all: E-car as a company car . The incentive should be created so that the 1% list price rule is not on the purchase price of an e-car (yes, more expensive) is calculated, but on the list price of the adequate non-E cars. Hmm. I'm curious how they expect this, when there is no adequate ...

Jobs - for the year 2018 - 2020 it is planned that a self-supporting market has developed and 30,000 additional jobs were created. Development, production and other relevant parts from the battery business in Germany should remain or be created for this purpose. Okay, if that works, it would be fine.

I keep an eye on the subject ...

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